Our Philosophy

Chivalry is not dead.

Learn to master male-female dynamics and consciously co-create your Vision of Love.

Chivalry is not dead…

But you must maintain standards to discover the secrets of feminine authority…

About Us

Professional FLR Coach since 1999, helping singles & couples for over 20 years. Her original programs have a 98% success rate, when you follow her advice. After almost 25 years, everyone who has followed her advice is still happily married. This is because she focuses on personal growth & individual responsibility.

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FLR began with a group of corporate trainers who wanted a rational approach to successful, long-term, romantic relationships. They discovered the 5 Food Groups which help couples sink or swim. Within a decade however, sex workers were using “FLR” & “Female Led Relationship” as a gimmick for their business, just as they had with “Dakini” (which means “Teacher”) & “Tantra” (the branch of yoga which deals with physical intimacy & romantic love). Initially this scientific, FLR group prohibited any BDSM terms from their dating site; no FemDom, no kink. Over a decade later, they now realize that diverse, sexual fantasies occur for even the most noble of lovers. Miss T’s FLR COACHING program focuses on old-school FLR, both for Dating & Relationship Coaching.


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