Female-Led Relationship Coach for Men

Since the last Ice Age, when Matriarchal Societies prevailed, men have had dominion over women. And women have suffered greatly as a result. Today, there is a growing movement of Female Authority, in Congress, in the boardrooms, and in individual homes. In the 21st Century, women are asking for more freedom, more rights, and more respect: Freedom from tyranny, reproductive rights, equal pay for the same work, respect for their bodies, minds, and hearts.

As men in the 21st Century, this may or may not appeal to you. But like the ever-changing seasons, like the locomotives through the Wild West, Women’s Rights are rising. The Goddess is rising. And I’m here to help you decide as a man, what you are up for. Romantic relationships can be the elixir of Life, or your worst hell. It’s up to you to choose partners wisely.

“A man’s character is seen in the woman he chooses.”

Choose wisely, and know that help is here.



Published by Teresa Ann Foxworthy

My life is dedicated to inspiring others to live more fulfilling lives. I do this through enlightening entertainment: music, film, poetry, photography, prose, as well as educational programs.

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