#MeToo #TimesUp

Wasn’t it about time that so many men in power were held accountable for raping and exploiting women. Do you agree? Your answer will tell a lot about your attitudes toward women. So now, men are afraid to work with women, or even ask them out on a date. It’s true that some women fake their abuse, but those are the extreme minority of cases.

These are serious times and you can help. Learn about consent. Learn about the history and her-story of women’s campaigns to have basic human rights, let alone full civic rights. In many countries today, women still can’t own property, travel freely, vote, or divorce of their own free will. Men fought hard for their independence. Now women are doing the same.

Published by Teresa Ann Foxworthy

My life is dedicated to inspiring others to live more fulfilling lives. I do this through enlightening entertainment: music, film, poetry, photography, prose, as well as educational programs.

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