FLR Marriage

Entering into or consciously co-creating a mutually fulfilling, FEMALE LED MARRIAGE, requires some thought & consideration. Neither husband, or wife, can succeed without the other in this endeavor. So you need to ignite a shared vision of what this will mean for both of you.

This is why the FLR Contract & 5 Food Groups can be so useful.

After all, FLR began for this very purpose, to build consensus on some rather sensitive areas.

Not every man or woman wants to do this or that, so you have to find out what works for the two (or more) of you.

“Happy Wife, Happy Life”

When you read this phrase, what emotional response do you have?

Love it, hate it, unlikely you are indifferent to it. So, this is an easy way to trigger deeper feelingswhich may later impede progress.

Women are often, if not usually, more sensitive, biologically and psychologically. We often feel any absence of integrity ore acutely. So, we want to know we can count on our beloveds to show up as promised. Men have often told women what women wanted to hear, in hopes of physical intimacy. This lead to grave disappointments for women and have fueled women’s enthusiasm for these contractual agreements. Our precious hearts are on the line.

Published by Teresa Ann Foxworthy

My life is dedicated to inspiring others to live more fulfilling lives. I do this through enlightening entertainment: music, film, poetry, photography, prose, as well as educational programs.

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