Miss T has been coaching singles and couples for almost 25 years. During this time, she has been researching topics like, How to Date for Marriage, Recovering from Rape, Healing PTSD, Gender Issues, Human Liberation, Men’s Liberation, Women’s Liberation, Online Dating, Kama Sutra Lessons, Tantra Yoga, Sex Education, Emotional Intimacy, Sexual Compatibiity, Feminine Authority, Power Plays, Contract Negotiation, and much more.

It all began in 1995, when a friend asked her to be his Dating Coach because he recognized her ability to communicate and navigate the dating scene.

Five years into this very interesting career, her boyfriend introduced her to FLR. Such is the case with 80% of women who ever learn about this alternative to male domination.

It took another few years of research for her to craft this coaching program.

Today, you can benefit from 25 years of relationship research.

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