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In every country on this globe, women encounter disproportionate numbers of violence & discrimination. You can consult the U.N., PeaceCorps, Institute for Women’s Policy Research, the Guardian, and many other sources. Women are too often mistreated by men, according to many indicators. But we in our corner of the world, are working to change this.

“Female-Led Relationship”, as originally conceived, is a lifestyle or paradigm, where women can demonstrate leadership in their homes & relationships. Such leadership may range from little to complete authority, depending on what a couple decides together. To wrestle with power dynamics is NOT our objective here. Power play can be fun. Power struggles are not. While a little power play may intrigue some, our priority is to raise the status of women for the sake of everyone. This campaign and our services hope to result in women being safe in their own homes & neighborhoods, having a say in the family finances, getting support when they need it, and exploring their “orgasmic potential” on their own terms.

Like most oppressions, sexism results from a lack of education and fear of the unknown. If a man hasn’t been particularly introspective, he may be frightened by women’s depth of emotion. If he had a bad relationship with his mother or father, he may find those issues being played out in his personal life. If he feels little self-control, he may try to control the woman or women in his life. But, with our educational programs, men can learn to enjoy this journey into the Heart of the Goddess, creating a better world for everyone.


Men can greatly benefit from FLR & women’s liberation:

  • reduced need for machismo
  • more enthusiastic loving
  • better self-awareness
  • building & re-building trust
  • intellectually stimulating partners
  • more consideration for partner’s needs & wants
  • peaceful home life
  • improved communication skills
  • resolving conflict in fun ways
  • more sexual passion & excitement
  • deeper bonds with one’s partner
  • personal growth
  • more adventure in your life

What is your Vision of Love?

Both men & women benefit from these progressive attitudes.

Over the last century, there has been a lot of confusion regarding sex roles. This is all part of our evolutionary trajectory. Each couple gets to evaluate what works for them.


As the author, David Deida, points out, in his sociological assessment of gender issues, beginning in the 1960s, women realized that they needed economic intelligence to live as they choose. And men really began noticing their need for emotional intelligence, if they wanted their wives to stick around.

Today, we have an unprecedented opportunity to express at our highest human potential. We can not only have equality, and deeper bonds, based on shared values and goals, but we can live lives of tremendous joy and cast off the shackles of outdated ideologies. Instead, we can innovate our vision of love, our desire for transcendental unions, and our overwhelming longing for fun & adventure, while we are still alive & breathing.


FLR is a breath of fresh air! 80% of women discover FLR from their husbands or boyfriends, who are craving Female Leadership in their relationships. But most women find this distasteful. Why? Why are so many women reluctant to demonstrate leadership at home? Internalized sexism. After millennia of oppression, women are only just beginning to speak their truth.

My case was no different. It took me the better part of 10 years to warm up to the idea. Similar to my encountering “The Goddess Movement”, I wasn’t sure what to make of this FLR Lifestyle. But compelled by experience with rape survivors, I continued to research this “alternative lifestyle”. And just like Baskins-Robbins, there are many flavors. Like 50 Shades of Grey, this lifestyle has a continuum of followers, from Meek & Curious, to Weekend Warriors, to 24/7 Lifestylers.

Often, men who possess great power & authority in real life, crave the discipline of his Goddess. He doesn’t have to guess with FLR what his lady desires. Similarly, gentle souls who want loving, maternal energy, find this lifestyle attractive. For rape survivors, being able to control what happens to their body, is quite liberating. Having the experience of engaging with a truly noble warrior will help a woman trust men again.

Miss T’s STORY

Miss T explains, “So, for 10 years, I researched all the information I could find, via websites, books, meetings, socials, classes, interviews, and such. I have now formulated a Coaching Program and Guidebook for those interested in ascertaining their interest level, and exploring the never ending kaleidoscope which is the Feminine Heart.”


Female-Led Relationship is a lifestyle which you can opt for in many ways. Review this website, and let us know if you would like to begin a coaching program to help you cultivate a more fulfilling Love Life. This means that you will study how chivalry applies in your current or desired relationship.

Indeed, this is a vast study…

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