Base rate: $150/hr.

More hours per month provides more discounted rates – see below.

Whether you want one or more sessions per month,

those fees are due by the 5th of each month ~


1hr/Discovery Call = $150

2hrs/mo = $ 2 8 8

4hrs/mo=$ 5 8 8

6hrs/mo=$ 7 8 8

8hrs/mo=$ 9 8 8


More hours may be added at any time, my schedule permitting.

Maximum hours per week: 4

All coaching fees paid must be used up within six months.

Only informational calls are 1hour, to get acquainted.

All coaching calls are two hours.

You are recommended to have a half-hour of meditation before and after each call.


We accept:

Barter (when agreeable)

Cash App

Cashier’s Check

Credit Cards

Debit Cards

Money Order

Square App



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