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FLR Lifestyles are so fascinating! Whether you are an FLR Coach or Female-Led Marriage proponnent, you will appreciate your lover being someone you can just be real with. While some people prefer anonymous encounters, most people want a relationship. That's why this lifestyle is called, Female Led Relationship. You know, it began with women who wanted to clarify things, to make life easier. Come back to the party of life by keeping things simple at first.

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We have so much to catch up on! Summertime was great to kick back & re-group. Autumn is always a back-to-school, back-to-work time, so get in line! We have private coaching for single men & women, as well as couples by phone, in limited quantities. While offering online courses is helpful, one-on-one coaching for men & women is needed to resolve the challenges which keep you from the Life you desire.


You can have a million people in your social networks and still be lonely. You can be married for decades and still feel the pain of emotional distance between you and your beloved. Why is this? Is it necessarily part of the human condition? Perhaps. Loneliness is the feeling of being alone and without anyone …

Conflict Resolution

Some men just like to make money and don't care how their Beloved spends it. They will put the deed to the house solely in her name. They will see that She is completely provided for, confident that he can easily make his way in the world, without fear of much. Conversely, some women excel …

FLR Fantasies

Men's strong hands were meant to massage their ladies. But that's not everyone's fantasy. As you might imagine, there are endless fantasies & fetishes in this alternative lifestyle, regardless of your flirting style. So whether you are single or long-time married, getting clear on your current fantasies will help you manifest them more readily. In …

FLR Marriage

Entering into or consciously co-creating a mutually fulfilling, FEMALE LED MARRIAGE, requires some thought & consideration. Neither husband, or wife, can succeed without the other in this endeavor. So you need to ignite a shared vision of what this will mean for both of you. This is why the FLR Contract & 5 Food Groups …

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Miss T ~ FLR Coach & Counselor Singles & Couples will be delighted with the profound changes to their LOVE LIVES with this coaching-by-phone program. In-person sessions are available in San Diego, CA, with certain conditions. Private workshops & intensives are helpful when you need more than a couple hours a week. Clients are screened …

The 5 Food Groups

There are many reasons couples fight. Often it's because of a lack of emotional depth in their intimacy. Communication is essential for Domestic Bliss. Negotiating terms in your FLR Contract can be a provocative adventure, depending how you approach it. But creating a written agreement makes for a handy reference guide when issues because hazy.

#MeToo #TimesUp

Wasn't it about time that so many men in power were held accountable for raping and exploiting women. Do you agree? Your answer will tell a lot about your attitudes toward women. So now, men are afraid to work with women, or even ask them out on a date. It's true that some women fake …

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