Men’s strong hands were meant to massage their ladies. But that’s not everyone’s fantasy.

Your sexual fantasies have roots in some corner of your mind.

Begin by remembering your very first sexual memory. How old were you? What happened? Was anyone else there? Anything connected with sex, in any way you feel it to be.

Sometimes the best way to clear addictions and dysfunctional behaviors is to get counseling to help vent the emotions connected with these memories. We may or may not have negative feelings tied to them.

Many marriage suffer terribly when they cannot share their fantasies with one another. But this is an important part of emotional intimacy for long-term success between partners.

Review the Fanstasies Quiz on the page linked here to explore your likely fantasies & fetishes, and then prepare to share them with your partner, once your relationship reaches that level of emotional intimacy.

Some say, “Sex only makes sense if everything else it working.”

Now, keep exploring and apply for coaching when you are ready.

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