1. What is FLR Coaching?

Female Led Relationship Coaching is an educational program for singles and couples who want to learn more about Honoring the Feminnine in themselves and in their Love Life.

2. Where does this program take place?

FLR Coaching is available by-phone or Skype or in-person. In-person sessions depend on Miss T’s itinerary, but she is currently available through the Summer 2019 in San Diego, CA, and then again in November 2019.

3. How long have you been coaching people?

Since 1996, so that is over 20 years now.

4. Who are your clients?

Most of my relationship clients have been executives & other professionals who recognize the value of feminine wisdom and personal growth.

5. What are the 5 Food Groups & why are they so important?

Just like the 5 Love Languages, the 5 Food Groups oversee the logistics of domestic bliss: Life Direction, Finances, Domestic Chores, Leisure Time, and Physical Intimacy. When a couple agrees on these 5 key areas in their live, compatibility goes way up.

6. Why do you do this? Isn’t it against the Bible?

Women have been oppressed for too long. Forcing people to accept that God is only masculine is a limited conception of Divine Intelligence, which is probably beyond gender. But women and children and men deserve to walk safely upon the Earth. The Bible, any Bible, is debated even amongst very devout theologians. Interpretation is everything. Women are here to help civilize men. Men are here to make it safe for women to live their lives. Women deserve orgasms more often than men, to keep men sexually virile and women relaxed. This vision of Female Led Relationship arose from couples wanting a functional model of sustainable, intimate relationships. With my 20+ years of research, my work is directly supportive of both the logistics and emotional intimacy necessary for successful, long-term marriages.

As Elise Sutton, a well-known FLR Author, is quoted as saying, “In a proper marriage the woman disciplines… a man in order to fulfill his desires and in order to train him for her service. Women are not better than men. I never say that women are better than men, or of more value. What I say is that women are superior (above men, of a stronger character, designed to lead men, equipped to train men, equipped to rule men). A woman trains a man to be a better person, a better husband, and a better father. She breaks the aggressive male and channels his strengths into service of the woman and to humanity as a whole. “

7. What is your religion?

I consider myself more spiritual than religious. All religions contain some wisdom. Making this world a better place is what motivates me.

8. How much do you charge?

Sessions vary, but are on a sliding scale between $75-150 per hour.

Discounts available for seniors, students, economically challenged, and military personnel.

Apply now to enroll in one or more of our various relationship programs:

Loving the Feminine – Explore the many ways to honor the feminine, in yourself and in others.

FLR Relationship Coaching – Cultivate more Female Authority in your Life, learn the 5 Food Groups, and see how far you are willing to go.

Romantic Paradigms – Explore your flirting styles, fantasies & fetishes

Depending on your interest-level, you may want to submerge yourself in this training for a year or more.


Most FLR Experts recommend pursuing Female-Led Relationships in a Vanilla approach, until you have built up enough trust & respect to take your relationship to the next level of intimacy.

Miss T initially began Relationship Coaching for Vanilla lifestyles:

CoCreating for Couples – Learn to collaborate as a couple.

Dating Coach for Single Men – Alchemy of Attraction: How to Date Women.

Dating Your Wife – How to Please a Wife, Woman, Goddess.

Dating Coach for Women – Dating Him for Keeps, Dating for Marriage.

Ecstatic Lifestyles – Discover your ecstatic potential for a Joy-filled Life.

Evolving the Masculine – What men are recognizing about being a man.

Love in the 21stC – Network of Relationship Coaching programs.

Your Feminine Radiance – Coaching program for all women.

Mermaid Entertainment – Events & programs for water enthusiasts.


…and for Spiritual Lovers

Ascension Pathways – Learn to meditate & balance your chakras.

FLR Tantra Coaching – Advanced Coaching for Domestic Bliss.

Feng Shui Your Home – Creating ambient vibes for bliss-filled loving.

Goddess Bliss Yoga – Advanced coaching program for men & women.

Goddess Handbook – The Emerging Goddess Journey (for Women)

GoddessRising – Empowering & honoring women in our world.

Tantra Yoga – Discover the yoga of Loving Relationships.

Path to the Beloved – Relationship as devotional practice.

Enroll in any of these programs for more a more fulfilling Love Life. Your professional coach has been helping singles & couples for almost 25 years.

All coaching programs are US $150/hour (DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE)

Enroll now & watch your Love Life rise to the next level of fulfillment.

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