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We have so much to catch up on! Summertime was great to kick back & re-group. Autumn is always a back-to-school, back-to-work time, so get in line! We have private coaching for single men & women, as well as couples by phone, in limited quantities. While offering online courses is helpful, one-on-one coaching for men & women is needed to resolve the challenges which keep you from the Life you desire.

The 5 Food Groups

There are many reasons couples fight. Often it’s because of a lack of emotional depth in their intimacy. Communication is essential for Domestic Bliss. Negotiating terms in your FLR Contract can be a provocative adventure, depending how you approach it. But creating a written agreement makes for a handy reference guide when issues because hazy.

Female-Led Relationship Coach for Men

Since the last Ice Age, when Matriarchal Societies prevailed, men have had dominion over women. And women have suffered greatly as a result. Today, there is a growing movement of Female Authority, in Congress, in the boardrooms, and in individual homes. In the 21st Century, women are asking for more freedom, more rights, and more …

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